Monday, August 18

Noah's Ark

Last night I spent some time rearranging the nursery again as I have been in full nesting mode. I sat on the floor going through toys, and looking through story books. While I was working, I found myself thinking about Noah and the Ark, and wondering how he must have felt as he built this large boat. The ark took 150 years to build, so if he was human at all, I have to think there were days he must have doubted. The Bible doesn't go into detail about his feelings during the wait, however it does say that he was 600 years old when he completed the ark.

Since one of the requirements for our adoption was to have a nursery set up, we have had one set up for over two years. In my estimation, this seems like a long time, however thinking about Noah put things into perspective. During his 150 year wait, he must have been asked numerous times why he was building an ark when the weather was dry, how much longer it was going to take before he completed the ark, and when it was ever going to rain? Perhaps nobody came right out and asked the question, but the implication must have been “Can your God be trusted, or are you just chasing some crazy fantasy?”

I am encouraged by Noah's example for several reasons. I believe he must have had a very deep understanding of God and His character in order to obey Him this way. Did I mention he was 600 years old back before the days of Geritol? Even if he doubted, he was obedient right down to every last detail. He was described as being a man of great patience and obedience.

When I think about what obedience looks like for me during this process, there are more questions in my mind than answers. I don't know when we will have a fact, lately I find myself asking if instead of when. I'm not sure how much longer it will take. Either way, I am learning to obey God and to look at what He has for me today. I am convinced that if beauty cannot be found in the journey, it will not be there when the goal is reached.

Last week there was a downpour as we were driving to the east side. After the rain stopped, I looked up and saw a bright beautiful rainbow. Again I thought of Noah and how God gave this beautiful sign that marked his promise. He could have sent any sign, but He chose a beautiful, colorful rainbow instead. I was encouraged by these verses and once again reminded to enjoy the present.

Ecclesiastes 6:19 “To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life-this is indeed a gift from God.”

Ecclesiastes 11:5-6 “ Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother's womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things. Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon. For you don't know if profit will come from one activity or another-or maybe both.”

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Italy trip

I have been going through my pictures, and have enjoyed looking at this album of Italy. I was able to go over last year to attend a conference. This was the first time I have been back in twenty years. The pictures are made up mostly of places we lived as a family. My brother and I were able to go together, and we were graciously hosted by some friends of ours from language school in Perugia. I feel such a sense of nostalgia when I look at these pictures. I miss Italy so much. It was strange to go back as a tourist knowing I would be returning to the US after such a short time. Tonight I made cookies with Nutella in them, and I remembered how much I enjoyed the simple pleasures. Fortunately, you can find it here! Saturday, we are going up to my brother's house to celebrate a late Thanksgiving, only we will be making homemade tortellini instead of turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!