Monday, November 3

A little break...

I can't believe the holidays are coming up already. As I wrote in one of my first entries, these days are are full of so many mixed emotions for me.

It is hard to explain how I can experience so much joy watching kids take part in special celebrations, dressing up, going to pumpkin patches, and how the same images can create such feelings of deep sadness as well.

In my last update I mentioned that we were going to be making some decisions as to our future adoption plans, and for now we have decided to leave our current agency and to take a break from all things related to adoption . We are not sure how long this break will be, however, we feel good about taking a step back and moving out of limbo to see if we should change directions.

We deeply appreciate those of you who follow our updates and take the time to check in...


Lipi said...


I'm sure,children is in the cards for you.You can have fun with your child.God bless you always. :)


Brent and Darlene said...

Thank you so much Lipi...we will see what God has. For now, we feel content with the way things are. You are an encouragement and a blessing.

Lisa said...

Hey Friend,

I agree with lipi. I do think following your heart is the only way to go in this process- and if your heart is telling you to step back, then there is a reason for it. I know this has been a long road, and I am sorry that you have been in limbo. Hugs to you and Brent.





Italy trip

I have been going through my pictures, and have enjoyed looking at this album of Italy. I was able to go over last year to attend a conference. This was the first time I have been back in twenty years. The pictures are made up mostly of places we lived as a family. My brother and I were able to go together, and we were graciously hosted by some friends of ours from language school in Perugia. I feel such a sense of nostalgia when I look at these pictures. I miss Italy so much. It was strange to go back as a tourist knowing I would be returning to the US after such a short time. Tonight I made cookies with Nutella in them, and I remembered how much I enjoyed the simple pleasures. Fortunately, you can find it here! Saturday, we are going up to my brother's house to celebrate a late Thanksgiving, only we will be making homemade tortellini instead of turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!