Thursday, September 29


Today was the third day home with our new baby, Justin. I always imagined this would be a stressful event, but so far everything from his birth, bonding with him in the nursery, and the quiet ride home has exceeded my expectations of what it would be like to bring home an infant. I know things will not always be this way, but since we got home, I have just been holding him, swaddling him, feeding him...etc, and just watching in amazement.

We have had a lot of visitors so far, and have enjoyed this new stage of life.

Even though I didn't give birth to Justin, I am so tired, so I don't know how much writing I will do, but I will continue to try to post pictures.

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Italy trip

I have been going through my pictures, and have enjoyed looking at this album of Italy. I was able to go over last year to attend a conference. This was the first time I have been back in twenty years. The pictures are made up mostly of places we lived as a family. My brother and I were able to go together, and we were graciously hosted by some friends of ours from language school in Perugia. I feel such a sense of nostalgia when I look at these pictures. I miss Italy so much. It was strange to go back as a tourist knowing I would be returning to the US after such a short time. Tonight I made cookies with Nutella in them, and I remembered how much I enjoyed the simple pleasures. Fortunately, you can find it here! Saturday, we are going up to my brother's house to celebrate a late Thanksgiving, only we will be making homemade tortellini instead of turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!